Introduction to Whitehouse

Whitehouse's aim is to establish a guiding partnership with its clients, to identify the profit improvement opportunities available with advanced control and information systems and to ensure that these are fully exploited. Because of the wide variation in the areas of expertise already within its clients, its services are designed to be adaptable.

Whitehouse's independence of system suppliers and, the fact that it does not supply technology itself, means that its clients can be sure that the advice offered is impartial. Further, irrespective of the technology chosen, Whitehouse can continue to assist its clients throughout the implementation by offering advice at the critical stages in the project.

Whitehouse will often begin its relationship with a client with a study which addresses the profit improvement opportunities, either briefly or in great detail. Whitehouse tackles such work from an understanding of the process requirements and its economics. Technology is only recommended if proven and where there is a clear economic or strategic reason for its installation.

Whitehouse's experience gives it the confidence to challenge long-held operating strategies within in its clients. It is common to discover controllers which are driving the process away from optimum. Whitehouse has the skills to convince its clients to reconsider operating objectives and therefore greatly enhance benefit capture.

Whitehouse can similarly evaluate the performance of any existing controllers and has uncovered many cases where control performance is so poor that it would be more profitable to operate without them. Whitehouse can provide the training and necessary monitoring tools to enable its clients to identify such problems on an on-going basis.

Whitehouse is frequently involved in the evaluation of technology on behalf of its clients. It therefore has unique knowledge of what is available and, more importantly, its proven success or otherwise.

Whitehouse will often assist its clients in progressing appropriation requests. It can present the economic arguments to senior management and help resolve their concerns. It can arrange visits to other users of the proposed technology to demonstrate its effectiveness and to discuss the experiences of the users.

Whitehouse's flexible approach means that its assignments are often a blend of services, adapted to meet the client's specific needs. The client may already have completed the economic analysis and has project approval. Alternatively he may wish only to supplement his own organisation, or that of his contractor or supplier, with expertise from Whitehouse.

Pre-project services

awareness seminar
competitive positioning
opportunities survey
benefits/feasibility study
master plan
organisation studies

Project support services

conceptual design
technology evaluation
vendor evaluation
invitations to bid
bid evaluation and selection
project co-ordination

Post-project services

post-project audits
performance monitoring tools
potential controller enhancements
advice on support structure

For suppliers of control and information system technologies, Whitehouse offers a unique insight into the process industry and can assist with the evaluation of potential products and the development of market strategies.

Whitehouse values greatly its long term working relationships and treats all of its clients with equal priority, irrespective of the size of the contract or the types of systems installed. It recognises its clients' preference to deal with known individuals within Whitehouse and, wherever possible, also maintains these personal relationships.