Training Software

Developed by Whitehouse to support both its own training courses, the software is available for use by others to develop their own expertise or to run training courses.

The package operates around a dynamic simulation of a typical process plant. It runs under Microsoft Windows. The user interface is impressive, comprising process graphics, controller configuration panels and configurable trends, much like those used by modern control systems. Throughout the package are interactive context sensitive Help screens which take the user through all the process control techniques included.

The in-built tutorial includes operating instructions along with an extensive structured work program, similar to that followed by Whitehouse when presenting its own courses. Model answers for the exercises are given in the software under password protection. The software can store multiple control configurations for case studies or multi-user systems.

On starting the software the user is presented with the following process overview.


heater drum compressor optimiser effluent reactor boiler distillation quit toolkit

The package is modular with each module including a range of control techniques. Click where shown for more details.

Feed Drum
Fired Heater
Effluent Treatment
Steam Boiler
Distillation Column
Process Optimisation


The package is normally licensed on a site basis. This permits an unlimited number of copies to be in use by staff normally based on the site. Under certain circumstances single user licences are applicable. Corporate licences are also available, as are licences for organisations wishing to offer training services. The user is assumed to accept the licence on installation of the software.